What is garcinia.

The extract of garcinia is known for its use in diets, and has earned its reputation as the weight-loss ingredient. The garcinia fruits are a rich source of hydroxycitric acid, which has shown results in improving digestion, stimulating metabolism and supressing appetite levels. Being a herb, it has other benefits as well, such as the improvement of the immune system, if consumed regularly. Garcinia is used in Southeast Asia as a seasoning, while its juice is recommended to be consumed after spicy or heavy meals, to improve their digestion.


The effects

Amino acid supplements have shown to be useful for building muscle mass. The weight-loss factor can be attributed to the content of pectin and hydroxycitric acid, which can rarely be found in other fruits, plants or vegetables. These elements, when taken with water, form a gel in the stomach that promotes a more rapid feeling of being full, as they contribute to signalling a high glucose concentration in the blood to the brain. It thus decreases appetite and is used to lose weight, as food intakes become relatively small. Recently carried out research has shown a lot of different results, starting with that the extract helps speed the metabolism and reduces the absorption of fat from the consumed food, while others show that patients have lost weight due to the suppression of appetite and oftentimes cravings, such as those for sweets, and foods containing high levels of starch.


Unlike other extracts, garcinia does not affect the nerve system, but rather ‘levels’ the sugar levels in the blood and slowly assimilates certain types of carbohydrates, once your body receives enough calories. Being a natural, plant-based ingredient, it is used as a supplement, and not as food itself. Many brands producing dietary supplements, use this plant’s extract in their products, so it is available to everyone.


Things to consider.

Though garcinia has shown effects and results in weight loss and appetite suppression, this does not mean that by taking it, anyone can lose weight. And though it provides a high probability of losing excess weight and toning your body, it only works when combined with a balanced diet.


Daily intake

Garcinia extract usually comes in a form of pills that are taken 2-3 times a day with a lot of water during meals. It is usually advised to drink garcinia supplement from 10 to 30 days, and this can be repeated after a short break. Those, who are intolerant to certain components of the supplement should advise their doctor. The product is also not recommended to pregnant or lactating women.